ULCANS Ultra-lightweight camouflage-net system


A revolution in concealing military objects

If you need a camouflage product that is scalable to a wide range of sizes and applications – this is the one. ULCANS is an advanced multispectral camouflage system made especially for the US Armed Forces.

The perfect protection

ULCANS is a multispectral, lightweight and easy-to-handle camouflage screen that presents a revolution in concealing military objects – to achieve perfect protection while in static position. The product is available in both woodland and desert versions.

Covers all known sensor threats

ULCANS represents the most advanced camouflage technology available on the market today. It has multispectral capabilities throughout its service life, enhancing force survivability by providing protection against visual, as well as near-infrared, thermal infrared and broad-band radar threats.