Information and intelligence fusion


Intelligent fusion of data from different sources for common processing and reporting.


The information and intelligence fusion system is a  configurable solution for the fusion and analysis of information from different data sources and sensors. It comes in different sizes and functionalities depending on the customer needs. While processing the information, the data is analysed, aggregated and a relation among the data is generated.


The final results are reports to the management and decision makers in political, military and industry organisations.






The data fusion system collects data and information from a large variety of sources like internet, emails, ELINT and COMINT data, satellite and processes the data according to their content type like speech, text, IP traffic, pictures and more

Already at this stage, our system transforms the data into a unified data model to enable comparison and standard processing of similar data types at a later stage.

In addition to a standard configuration, special interfaces can be realised for specific user requirements.