Radar upgrade solution Extending radar capabilities


Building the future from your current technology

  • Can be achieved without radar OEM support

  • Scalable, proven design that fully replaces obsolete radar hardware and software elements

  • Upgraded radar operating- and-maintenance savings rapidly recoups upgrade investment

Radar systems are often kept in service well beyond their intended operational service life cycle.  

Saab’s field-proven Radar Upgrade solution provides an economical alternative for extending radar service life and significantly reducing overall life cycle ownership costs. Over the years, Saab has deployed over one hundred radar upgrades of military and civil radar systems. 

Saab’s Radar Upgrade solution comprises a suite of operationally proven Radar Upgrade technologies that include both modern hardware and software.


The solution is designed to meet current as well as future operational challenges while at the same time providing cost-effectiveness throughout the entire radar life cycle.