BAMSE SRSAM Ground based missile system


For the protection of entire nations

The BAMSE SRSAM system is one of few systems in the world today that is developed and optimised as a de­dicated Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) missile system.

BAMSE SRSAM is designed for flexible usage both for stand-alone operation as well as in networks with other sensors and weapon systems. The philosophy is to optimise system effect by having a number of fully co-ordinated firing units that together create a ground coverage for the system of more than 2,100 km2  and an effective altitude coverage of 15,000 m.

The BAMSE SRSAM system has excellent built-in ECCM capabilities both in the GIRAFFE AMB surveillance radar and the unique monopulse Fire Control Radar (FCR) Automatic Command to Line Of Sight (ACLOS) missile guidance function.