CBT - Commanders briefing tool The tool for comprehensive operational planning


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The military alone cannot resolve a crisis or conflict. There is a need for more deliberate and inclusive planning and action through established crisis management procedures that allow for both military and non-military resources and efforts to be marshalled with a greater unity of purpose.

Planning in a multi-dimensional environment generates particular challenges for both civilian and military actors.

Experience shows that not only may there be no formally appointed lead agency to provide overall coordination, but that those organisations capable of reacting quickly are very often military in nature; especially in the planning and early execution stages of an operation, to understand and to attempt to anticipate the needs and objectives of other potential contributors thus enabling subsequent coordination and cooperation.

Saab’s Commander’s Briefing Tool (CBT) supports commanders’ decision making at the strategic and operational levels. The planning tool provides a number of structured workflow activities that can be tailored to a customer’s specific doctrine or planning processes.

The Commander’s Briefing Tool assists the Commander and Staff to collect, analyse, review and brief information about operations. This can be for the purposes of pre H-hour planning, review of information during the conduct of operations, or during wash-ups and lessons learned activities.

Key features

  • Adaptable to planning frameworks such as COPD, GOP etc.
  • Multi-tier architecture to support flexible deployment
  • Supports single use or multiple users world-wide collaborating via IP networking
  • Incorporates MIL-STD-2525 unit symbology