DCIS - Deployable Communication and Information System All communication - Any application


Deployable communication and information system (DCIS) provides a modular and flexible communication infrastructure for rapidly deployed expeditionary operations. 

The infrastructure will be able to grow from an initial ad hoc installation with a two hour setup time to a full blown DCIS HQ solution utilizing a wide range of modules and shelters, such as:

  • Command and control
  • C2IS on operational and tactical level
  • Tactical Radio Capabilities
  • Telephony
  • Cross technology VoIP dispatcher for Radio and Telephony incl. Red/Black separation
  • Satcom
  • Internet Access
  • Access to civilian international TV/Radio news networks
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Mobile Tower and Approach shelter
  • Air Traffic Control system
  • Meteorology system
  • Approach and Landing Radar
  • Landing Lights
  • Intelligence cell
  • Sensor Information Analysis Systems
  • Air Combat Management
  • C2 systems
  • Mission support systems
  • Tactical Data Links
  • Secure Voice
  • Long Range Search and Surveillance Radar