Today’s ground forces are preparing for tomorrow’s demanding missions in which combat strategies must be seamlessly implemented – from open to urban terrain and through a three-block war scenario. Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed to meet the need for enhanced operational capabilities and a higher level of effectiveness.

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Saab’s range of C4I systems include solutions for robust long-range broadband communication via satellite and fully vehicle integrated tactical C4I systems as well as operational C4I system comprising an accurate situation picture.

Communication Systems


Communication is a vital part of any C4I solution. Saab can provide all kinds of communication systems for land operative use; from soldier systems to battle group systems, from voice to data and image - wireless and wired – as well as broadband communication capabilities via satellite. Customer adapted systems with interoperability to other systems

Tactical C2 Systems


Communication is a vital part of any C4I solution. Saab can provide all kinds of communication systems for land operative use; from soldier systems to battle group systems, from voice to data and image - wireless and wired – as well as broadband communication capabilities via satellite. Customer adapted systems with interoperability to other systems.

Operational C4I


A unit’s performance depends on having efficient and effective means of managing and distributing information on the battlefield. To stay in control of hazardous and rapidly changing situations, operators need to be able to switch tactics during an operation

Force protection

Saab provides armed forces around the world with first class protection, from a full range of Signature Management systems, to fully-integrated EW solutions and complete security solutions for the safeguarding of operational infrastructure.

Self Protection


Until now, protecting combat vehicles has meant additional armour and reduced mobility. Lessons learned tell us that, in order to defend their strategic position on the battlefield, combat vehicles require autonomous solutions that can counter both short and long range threats, from gunfire and grenades to missiles.

Security Solutions


To ensure operational effectiveness, the ability to secure operational infrastructure is of vital importance.

Sense and detect


Early detection of threats is necessary to stay alive. The ability to detect and warn of small incoming ballistic objects offers valuable protection.



Early warnings to units and personnel in the field are a key factor in limiting the effects of CBRN threats. With Saab’s coherent and integrated CBRN solutions CBRN specialists and decision-makers will have efficient tools to detect and identify a wide range of threats and receive the support needed for providing fast and accurate early warning.

Ground Based Air Defence

By providing land forces with robust, modular, adaptable, interoperable, cost-efficient and future proof surveillance, decision support and precision engagement solutions, Saab can help you extend your air defence capabilities to meet almost any threats.

Air Defence Missile Systems


Ground Based Surveillance


In land-combat and asymmetric warfare situations, decisions and actions based on real-time information are critical. Every second is vital in gaining an information advantage that enables information superiority. Sensors are important components in the information structure, providing control of the situation.

Counter-UAS capability


The UAV threat challenges conventional force protection. It jeopardises critical operations and threatens vital assets.  Building on our strong force protection track record and tradition in ground-based air defence, Saab offers functionality to detect even the very small, commonly available UAVs.


By linking together battlefield functions and employing sensors for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance into a joint solution under a single command, Saab’s ISTAR solutions give you timely, relevant, and accurate early warning.

Multi-role Surveillance System


Building efficient Multi-Role Surveillance Capability starts with choosing the right sensors.

Weapon locating system


The current battlefield is difficult to read. In addition to improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mortars and rockets are the enemy’s weapons of choice.

Signature management

Signature Management is the advanced art of detection avoidance and includes measures that adjust the signature in applicable parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Platform Integrated Systems


Giving you the choice when and if to act

Soldier Integrated Systems


Operate on your terms

Support Solutions

There is a growing need for complete support solutions, including an embedded management capability, rather than provision of stand alone services. And that is exactly what we can provide – complete support solutions adapted to precise customer needs and requirements.

Medical Care Solutions


Saab’s turnkey Medical Care Solutions (MCS) are cost effective, flexible and can be quickly deployed into the international arena. Adapted to fit the individual requirements of each mission, Saab’s medical care system is suitable for a range of field applications and meets the demands of remote or challenging areas. The units are based on a modular system designed to account for future growth as an operation evolves.

Vehicle Integration and Modifications


Enhancing vehicle performance is crucial to mission success and Saab has the multiple-platform experience necessary to optimise the functionality of your vehicles.

Special Products and Services


Saab’s support concept involves all phases of the system or platform life-cycle; from preliminary studies, procurement support, system integration, test and verification to fully embedded in-service support, modifications and end-life management services.

Deployable Solutions


Saab offers a range of smart and deployable solutions for various applications in the field. Rapid deployment with a high level of capability can give you the advantage you need.

Training & Simulation

Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions.

Live Training


Facing the elements of combat – in advance. Live training with SAAB's simulator systems provides the tools you need for swift analysis and evaluation of soldiers skills and tactical behavior.

Saab’s live training concept cover all training needs from individual up to and beyond brigade level. The system base is modular and scalable making it easy to configure to suite precise needs.

Live Fire Training System


Saab has been a world-leading provider of live fire training for more than four decades. Today, over 20 countries around the world rely on Saab’s targetry and range equipment for gunnery, force-on target and urban training.

Virtual Training


Training Services


Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within live, virtual and live fire training, and integration. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions. Our expertise can support you every step of the way – from training need analysis to implementation and support of a complete and fully integrated training environment.

Weapon Systems

From anti-tank weapons, missile and mortar systems to integrated combat systems and network enabling solutions we support and empower soldiers with the striking power necessary to meet the needs of the modern battlefield


Ground-Based Air Defence Missile Systems


On today’s rapidly changing battlefield, mission success is based upon the forces’ ability to maintain all operational capabilities – surveillance, communications, decision support and weapons effects – even while countering threats.

Support Weapons


Saab’s weapon systems are characterised by accuracy, reliability and effectiveness.

Surface-to-Surface Missile Systems


Vehicle Weapon System


Saab’s Sight Systems and Fire Control systems, for applications such as tanks, combat vehicles, APCs, and other armoured vehicles provide the customer with a very high hit probability against all ground targets, as well as helicopters and high-speed aircraft. Its simple operation principles, user friendly MMIs and ease of maintenance make it suitable for use in a conscript army.

Warheads and mortar ammunition


Saab is a world-wide technology leader in research, development and manufacturing of advanced warhead and mortar ammunition products.

Laser Rangefinder


Saab’s Laser Rangefinders are designed and environmentally approved for use as target rangefinders in ground-based systems requiring low-hazard functionality and high performance. The compact, lightweight design is ideally suited for integration with advanced fire control and other telemetric systems.

Gyro Products


When there is a need to measure rate, for example as input for stabilization, Saab could provide a solution either by offering a standard Gyro product or provide a customized product according to customer requirements. Saab is specialized on tailoring gyro products according to customer provided specifications. Saab is offering products fulfilling tough environmental demands. To achieve this in a cost effective way Saab is using a modular approach backed up by a large application and sensor knowledge.