Development tests, verification and validation Testing capabilities

electromagnetic environment & compability testing

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Mechanical & thermal environmental testing

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We have the capability to offer our experience and expertise of Development tests, Verification and Validation  within the areas of Electromagnetic Environment & Compability, Mechanical & Thermal Environment and Structure.


Focusing on safety and efficiency, our products have been developed for - and used by - a wide range of industries: Space, Windpower, Automotive and Agricultural among others, besides our own core businesses Systems & Structures for Air, Land and Naval use.


Services and expertise

When customer operations change or expand, we provide the necessary support. We verify that products meet expectations and, should problems be uncovered, present solutions at an early stage to avoid costly replacements.

Provided resources

Our resources include laboratories for general and specialiazed testing of small components up to full-scale systems and structures, as general aircraft system rigs.

Below you find more information of our resources.