Giraffe AMB Air Surveillance and Ground Based Air Defence

Giraffe AMB


In combat situations, event protection operations or other tense situations, real-time information is critical for protecting forces against threats from the air. When every second counts, the Giraffe AMB surface radar provides the information and time needed for protecting both people and assets.

  • Covers the entire search volume every second
  • Provides engagement-quality Recognized Air Picture (RAP) target data
  • Combat-proven 24/7 capability with more than 150,000 h in full operation
  • Full mission flexibility through unparalleled support services
  • High degree of interoperability and is designed for low and predictable cost of ownership

Giraffe AMB delivers key capabilities as part of short- and medium-range surveillance and Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD). It integrates powerful 3D surveillance radar and C3 functionality in one and the same system and provides forces with swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective response to changing threats, new tactics, and shifting operational conditions.


The system monitors the air volume 360 degrees for air targets and simultaneously locates and warns against incoming rocket, artillery and mortar rounds, and at the same time able to provide coastal surveillance.

Large volume C-UAS surveillance

Features include Saab’s unique function for enhanced low, slow and small (ELSS) target detection, which provides a dedicated counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capability.


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Giraffe ELSS