AviGuide Head Up Display

Tactical Head-Up Display and EFVS Solutions

AviGuide HUD EFVS Transport
AviGuide HUD EFVS Transport
AviGuide HUD EFVS Transport
AviGuide HUD EFVS Transport
AviGuide HUD EFVS Transport


With AviGuide Head Up Display (HUD) the pilots aviate and navigate head up and eyes out for increased safety and control with faster decisions and situational awareness. The HUD can be interfaced with Enhanced Flight Vision Sensors (EFVS) and flight guidance computers and it is fully compatible with enhanced vision system (EVS) sensors.

Whether you are transporting a special operations team or delivering emergency supplies to a disaster area, the task of mastering the conditions has become an increasingly important part of mission success. Adverse visual conditions can have devastating consequences for crew and equipment, and can prevent vital aid from reaching people in need.


AviGuide Head up Display (HUD) can be used as a traditional HUD to show basic flight information. It is also able to interface and utilise other systems and is designed to be compatible with future technologies. Saab has an extensice roadmap to evolve and improve functions and subsystems to enable safer and more efficient aviation. 



Head-Up Display for Commercial aircraft



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Key features

Safety first

  • Flight data with eyes out – fly and navigate head up
  • Intuitive presentation – faster decisions
  • Conformal data – situational awareness
  • Enhanced/synthetic vision
  • Enhanced control

Conformal display

  • Improved awareness of aircraft state
  • Flight Path Vector (FPV) improves energy management
  • Head Up guidance display
  • Head Up at IFR/VFR transition
  • Precision take-off and landing


Open and compact

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Improved cost of ownership
  • Compatible with EFVS – reduced minimums
  • Compatible with future EFVS systems – SVS, CVS

Mission compatible                                       

  • Flexible and adaptable display modes
  • Night vision goggle compatible
  • Enhanced synthetic vision
  • Integrated flight mission data
  • Picture-In-Picture (PiP)