9AIR CRS - Control & reporting system Your force multiplier


  • Head of Business Development and Sales
    Combat Systems and C4I Solutions
    Email Phone +46 73 4374907

9AIR CRS is the best way for air forces to adapt to new operations. Whether it's an aircraft fleet with Tactical Data Links that do not work with the existing legacy C4I system, the need for AEW capabilities or the necessity for ballistic missile tracking or remote Radar Management, 9AIR CRS uses a modular approach to cater to every need.

The 9AIR C4I family is scalable and flexible, providing control for all missions, air forces and operations.

9AIR acts as a force multiplier between your existing C4I system and the desired capability, the system can scale from a single workstation to as many workstations as required.

9AIR CRS is based on operationally-proven technology and represents a subsection of the complete 9AIR TOCCS interoperable functionality.