Hydrographic processing evolved Qimera

Qimera guides the hydrographic processor through data processing steps, simplifying what has traditionally been a complicated process. Its unique IO Balanced Multi-Core Engine is specifically designed to process bathymetry data as rapidly as possible. Qimera contains a number of advanced tools including Sound Velocity Profiling (refraction), Calibration (Patch Test), and a Wobble Test for troubleshooting installation and data issues.


We’ve taken the core technologies of QINSy and Fledermaus and joined them together in a new platform.Qimera is an easy to use yet most powerful sonar data processing application.

Qimera supervises a less experienced user through the stages of bathymetry processing by intelligently prompting the next necessary action(s).

Qimera supports the major raw sonar file formats and by working with the Dynamic Workflow™ that remembers what actions and settings have been applied to the project data, it is able to highlight files that need further processing actions in order to complete the workflow.