ATC Radio Communication Support all major radio technologies


Saab’s ATC Radio Communication solutions are designed to meet the tough requirements for flight critical and robust radio communication within the Airport domain.

Build to support all major radio technologies, like VHF/UHF 25/8.33 kHz, Mode 1 and 2, Aero MACS etc. Saab facilitates both analogue and digital/IP radio networks incl. VCS and Secure Networks alike depending on operational use, coverage or capacity needs.

Utilizing standardized, internationally acknowledged technologies, Saab’s solutions covers voice and data communication, building, expanding and/or optimizing existing radio networks or creating new ones according to operational requirements.

With services ranging from initial studies over commissioning and integration to documentation and service and support, Saab will be at your side through the entire lifecycle of the system.


The individual modules can be mixed and matched to suit operational requirements and of course later be upgraded, expanded, added on and replaced according to technological and operational needs.

Offering full legacy integration build- ingon existing infrastructure and hardware, Saab will optimize your existing solution, both when it comes to infrastructure and interfaces towards external systems and/or applications.


Fully scalable and modular the solution can be expanded step by step to grow with increasing demands and changing operational needs.

Key features

  • Flight critical and robust radio solution incl. VCS and secure networks
  • Supervision through state of the art management solution for entire complete or part of the airport
  • Critical functionality through built in security, robustness and safety features
  • Increased and add-on functionality utilizing existing network infrastructure
  • Optimizing operational capabilities through legacy integration
  • Products and solutions complying with international standards and directives