Deployment Ready Travel Risk Management

Deployment Ready


Today, it is more important than ever to be aware of risks and threats when traveling. Saab’s Travel Risk Management (TRM) enables employers and employees to mitigate risks that occur when traveling and working abroad. Saab has developed three products, Deployment Ready Actions, Country Security Plans and Deployment Ready Training that will facilitate your travel and enable you to conduct business safely within risk countries and in austere environments.

Deployment ready actions

Saab has developed a system of providing essential information and training to individuals prior to their deployment. This information is divided into five categories: Training, Security, Safety, Support and Travel. Depending on the type of travel, specific information and recommended actions are provided  for Low, Medium, High and Extreme Risk countries. These steps are vital in preparing employees for their trip.

Training: This covers all aspects of information and training needed prior to traveling, such as Risk Information, Country Reports, and Deployment Ready Training.


Security: Saab provides crucial information and equipment for travel security including: Pocket Sized Information, Personal Security and First Aid Equipment.


Safety: A medical and health assessment is essential before an employee can travel. Equally important is accessibility of aid when an accident occurs once deployed. Saab will provide detailed information on this in the Saab Country Security Plans.

Support: When deployed to a risk environment every employee should have access to support at any time of the day. Support provides information for insurance and emergency contacts and easy to follow procedures for incident recording and reporting.


Travel: Good preparation and organisation is fundamental in Travel Risk Management. Travel provides everything from comprehensive checklists, company directives to passport and visa advice.