Aircraft Mechanic

The Gripen final assembly consists of three stations and as an aircraft mechanic like Maritza, her job rotates around this stations in order to build the Gripen fighter. 

How many working stations are there at the final assembly and what differs?

The Final Assembly consists of three stations. At station one, installations of cabling and hydraulics are done. Around 18 000 articles are mounded in station one. At station two, the bigger parts of the aircraft is mounted, such as, inlet, canard, canopy, windshield and engine. At station three, a functional test of the whole aircraft is performed.

How long does it take for Gripen to go through the whole final assembly and what is the next stop after?

Today it takes Gripen C/D 72 days to go through final assembly and after that, Gripen is ready to be painted.

Do you use standard tools or are most of them special designed?

We use both standard and special designed tools and I guess 60% of the time we use standard tools.

Is it big difference to work with digital drawings compared to printed ones? What are the main difference?

Within the digital world you can turn the aircraft in the computer to get a better view. You can also remove parts you don’t need to see to mount your own parts.

Which part of Gripen is most challenging or fun to work with?

Station one is probably the biggest challenge since there are so many parts to install. Station three is most fun because then you got to see how everything is working.