True collaboration

The worlds most advanced multi-role fighter – Gripen, will be made in Brazil. Some of the Gripen ordered for the Brazilian Air Force will be built in Sweden with the involvement of Brazilian Engineers while the remainder will be built in Brazil. Brazilian industry will be responsible for developing a major part of the Gripen system, such as, the all new twin seater variant, the Gripen F.

Gripen Transfer of technology program for Brazil aims to provide the Brazilian aerospace industry with the technology and knowledge needed to maintain and develop Gripen for Brazil. 


More than 350 Brazilian professionals from our partner companies, together with their families, will live and work in Sweden up to 2 years to take part in theoretical and on-the-job training, before they return to Brazil to apply and multiply their new knowledge and skills. There will be over 50 dedicated technology projects with the first tranche of secondees focussing on systems engineering and software development.

In the webseries True Collaboration you can see how it works in reality.

True Collaboration - Season 1

True Collaboration - Season 2

Welcome to the second season

Welcome to the second season of the True Collaboration series! Learn how the Gripen Program represents much more than the increased operational capacity of the Brazilian Air Force. 

International Women’s Day

What is the importance of women in the Brazilian Gripen Program? Women engineers and executives working on the Brazilian Gripen Program show that talent and competence are genderless.

Industrial Cooperation

How does the knowledge exchange take place between Saab and the Brazilian aeronautical industry? Through the industrial cooperation, an extremely complex process, involving not only technical aspects but also a deep interaction between the parties.

Embraer’s Role on the Gripen Programme

What is the role of Embraer in the Brazilian Gripen Program? Embraer's enormous competence, acquired over the last decades, and its position in the international market in this sector, has made the company the ideal partner to develop and assemble Gripen here in Brazil.

Akaer’s Role on the Gripen Programme

What is the role of the Brazilian high-tech company Akaer in the Brazilian Gripen program? Between the design and development of structural parts and the calculation of these parts, Akaer has already performed more than half a million working hours, which represents a leap of years in terms of operability.

AEL’s Role on the Gripen Programme

What is the role of AEL Sistemas in the partnership between Saab and Brazil? As a supplier of important Gripen cabin equipment.

Why was Gripen chosen by the Brazilian Air Force?

What makes the Gripen stand out among the fighter jets of its category? Learn the main reasons why Gripen was selected to equip the  Brazilian Air Force.

Transfer of Technology

How important is the technology transfer that is part of the Brazilian Gripen Programme? Between October 2015 and 2024, more than 350 Brazilian engineers and technicians from Saab’s partner companies, will go to Sweden to participate in courses and on-the-job training, which will represent an intense decade of learning and partnership.


Have you ever wondered how to train a Gripen test pilot? From classes, aircraft presentations and Saab methodology, the Swedish and Brazilian pilots prepare for the in-flight trials of the Brazilian fighter. In a few years, the tests will be done at Embraer's headquarters in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo.


Do you know how important the GDDN for the Gripen Program in Brazil is? The site is the fighter center in the country and has Brazilian and Swedish engineers for the creation of the Brazilian version of Gripen.

Personal Development

Acting in the Brazilian Gripen Program means being a fundamental part of the development of a product extremely sophisticated and necessary for the industry of the country!

GAC Saab

What is the role of GAC-Saab in the Brazilian Gripen Program? Created in October 2015, the GAC-Saab is indispensable to monitor and control the contracts relating to the acquisition of 36 fighters.


Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM), located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), will be responsible for the production of aerostructures for Gripen fighters here in Brazil!