First serial produced Swedish Gripen E
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For general questions regarding Gripen – The Smart Fighter

The Fighter

Gripen is a unique fighter concept, bringing a perfect balance between excellent operational performance, high-tech solutions, cost-efficiency and industrial partnership into one, smart fighter system. That’s why we call it "The smart fighter".

Gripen C-series

Gripen E-series



Our fighter aircraft DNA goes back to 1937 when Saab was founded and one year later we started to produce our first fighter aircraft, the Saab 17. Since then, thousands of fighter aircraft has left the production line in Linköping, Sweden. And Gripen is the latest one. 


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Curious to know what engine Gripen C has? How many pylons Gripen E has or which countries air forces operate Gripen? Look no further.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our thinking edge

We are Gripen

Work with Gripen

Saab is a company with opportunities. A company where we see diversity as an asset and where you can influence your own development.

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Industrial Co-operation

In our industry, Industrial Co-operation is an essential part of doing business. For Saab, good Industrial Co-operation means partnerships – lasting business-driven relationships that generate long-term mutual benefits.


Gripen offers comprehensive industrial co-operation, including technology transfer. We have a proven, unrivalled track record of delivering industrial co-operation programs tailor-made to meet our customers’ strategic priorities.


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True collaboration

More than 350 Brazilian professionals from our partner companies, will live and work in Sweden to take part in theoretical and on-the-job training, before they return to Brazil. The webseries True Collaboration shows how it works in reality. 


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