TactiCall Support and Service When support is mission critical


Saab offers support and service at every stage of the TactiCall program in order to maximise the solution. Thanks to close and daily cooperation between system engineers and support staff, we are able to provide relevant and up-to-date quality services to our customers.

Saab offers dynamic and tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs) where you can choose our services based on to your business needs. Based on the SLA, we plan our experienced and dedicated team of engineers and supporters to provide quality of services to keep your business values up.

As part of our SLAs, Saab provides a number of supplementary services, which strengthens our overall support offering.

Supplementary services

  • Dedicated support, delivery and maintenance management
  • Reporting and ticket handling system
  • 24/7 call and/or email support
  • Testing and test environment
  • Crypto and customer equipment handling
  • Release / change / configuration and obsolescence management
  • Workshops, trainings and reporting
  • Planned site visits and repair
  • WEB portal services