Aerial Firefighting Keeping people and society safe

Saab is part of Sweden’s national defence. We used our extensive experience of complex flight operations to establish a capability for aerial firefighting and won the tender from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to improve Sweden's capacity to fight forest fires.

Based in Nyköping, we can reach all of Sweden within a couple of hours, and as the aircraft are part of the RescEU Aerial Firefighting force, they can also be put into action anywhere in northern Europe.

Why we use the AT-802F Fireboss

The aircraft has a good range and can drop up to 50.000 litres of water per hour. As the aircraft can fill it´s tanks from lakes and rivers close to the fire even fires raging far away from airfields can be fought efficiently.


It is also a question of cost-effectiveness. For the same purchase/operating costs of a larger aircraft many Fire Boss aircraft can be operated, thereby enabling greater capacity and operational flexibility per krona invested.


Computer controlled water drop

The AirTractor has a unique, computer controlled water release system called FRDS. This system offers a superior level of consistency, coverage and efficiency.

When the drop is triggered, FRDS responds instantly, automatically opening and closing the fire gate doors with millisecond computer precision that delivers a reliably consistent coverage level. Because the FRDS automates many calculations and functions, the pilot’s concentration can remain where it should be, on flying the aircraft in challenging flight conditions.