S-92 support Your local support partner

For decades, Saab has provided worldwide, effective support solutions for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Our primary objective is to ensure that efficient support is received at the right time, and in the right place. We understand the importance of aircraft availability for the success of your mission in the North Sea region.


Saab, together with Aircontact Services AS (ACS), offers a complete range of flexible, cost-effective support and services to S-92 operators. In partnership with Sikorsky, Saab and ACS have established one of the first approved S-92 customer support centres in the world, based in Sola, Norway.

Support for your mission success

Saab’s legacy has always been about providing maximum performance and efficiency with minimal resources.


We are known for our strong heritage and we have over a century of experience delivering adaptable, flexible and cost-efficient support solutions to our aviation customers.


Our key strength is securing the delivery of cost-effective support solutions for customers, from single services to complete undertakings for your aircraft fleet availability.


Saab and ACS have developed flexible and competitive local aircraft maintenance capabilities in Sola, offering short turnaround times at a fixed price.


We thoroughly analyse each customer’s specific operational requirements to create a customised total support offering. Our goal is to deliver a support solution that integrates with our customers’ and partners’ own organisations, reducing gaps and overlap.