New generation Avionic management systems

Avionic Management Systems


Saab’s Avionics Management System (AMS) is a fully integrated cockpit solution. A family of LCD touch screen displays combined with an open architecture central computing platform hosting Saab’s innovative portfolio of TSO compliant software applications is the foundation of Saab’s cockpit design. 

Avionic Management System

Saab’s Avionic Management System (AMS) is the first truly open architecture avionics platform enabling our partners to design an affordable cockpit with the functions, performance, and aesthetics they want.


The open architecture software and hardware concept along with our intuitive suite of tools enable our partners to control the design process and make changes independently from Saab. Saab's AMS is a platform for hosting a multitude of innovative functions including virtual reality synthetic vision and our Mission-Adaptive TAWS for high performance aircraft.


Key features

  • A centralized computing architecture enables affordable custom displays and a signature industrially designed look and feel.
  • A robust and flexible software architecture enables our partners to buy what they want, implement when they want, and customize where they want.
  • Multiple hardware and software abstraction layers enable any part of the architecture to be modified or replaced with minimal system impact and recertification.


  • An intuitive suite of tools and IP licenses enables deeper collaboration in development and the opportunity for the Aircraft Manufacturer to independently implement and integrate new functions now and in the future.
  • Support for advanced Saab technologies under development including combined vision system, Saab’s advanced Synthetic Vision, advanced Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) and Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) solutions, performance based terrain warning systems, and many more to come.



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