9Air trainer Train as you fight – Fight as you train


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Operators in C4I systems must have realistic training in real time. The Air C4I Training System from Saab is a simulator designed for this purpose, and it can also be used for technical evaluation and testing.

The Air C4I Training System is a high-performance simulator which, with one or two scenarios, can be used to stimulate two centres simultaneously.

The Air C4I Training System from Saab is designed to provide realistic real-time training for operators in air C4I systems. The simulator presents a complete simulated environment, realistic in every detail, just like situations you would encounter in live operations.

Such simulations include the full range of sensors, all moving objects, various weather conditions, jamming and all adjacent systems, as well as the interaction between operators and other support personnel controlling and managing operations. The simulator also includes pilot positions including tactical-data-link exchange capabilities.