Secure multi-purpose cloud Egira


Swedish secure multi-purpose cloud

Saab knows security and understands the value of information. We also know that your information needs to be easy accessible for you - and no one else. 

Egira is a Swedish-based, on-premises secure cloud by Saab. With efficiency and security in mind, Egira lets you own your information.

High availability

Our secure multi-purpose cloud solution is a digital information system developed by Saab that’s robust, secure and scalable. It is characterised by high availability and several-layered ground-up security measures, scalable to suit the user's needs. 


Egira is constructed for use in a container architecture and comes with certified hardware and software. It uses several authentication processes and firewalls, continuously creating security loggings, monitoring for indications of unauthorised activities. 


Egira is scalable up to data-centre capacity and includes applications for:

  • Secure environments
  • Secure maintenance
  • Reproduction of exact environments.