TactiCall Dispatcher Suite Integrated Control Room Communication


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TactiCall connects different communication technologies regardless of radioband, frequency and hardware, eliminating the need for multiple, often bulky, user interfaces cluttering control rooms resulting in reduced efficiency, overview and speed of operation. The TactiCall Dispatcher Suite applies Saab’s proven integrated communications technology to optimise, modernise, and future proof the control room.

Saab equips control rooms with a robust user-friendly radio dispatch capability that delivers enhanced situational awareness, collaborative pooling/sharing of voice and data communications, accurate resource status & location information, voiceless dispatch, mobile resource self-service, and group communications that seamlessly span current and legacy radio telecommunication systems. 

The core system can be enhanced with optional features like mapping/GIS, contact center functionality, PA/GA, alarms, legal recording, etc. The result is a complete digital dispatch solution tailored to your exact operational needs. The solution even provides open APIs, allowing integration of radio capabilities into 3rd party command & control/computer aided dispatch workflows.

The suite helps our customers address key challenges; improving public services, reducing costs, and adapting to rapid technical evolution. 



Control room deployment

The TactiCall Dispatcher Suite can be utilized as a stand-alone solution, or fully integrated into existing C&C, CAD or similar systems. The distributed architecture scales from a single workstation to multi-center nationwide deployment, and eliminates single points of failure.


The operator has full use of all radio communication and dispatch functionality. Dispatch client workstations may be wired or wireless. Both voice and data is fully supported.

Collaborative working

Our advanced technology enables new models of collaborative working, linking one or more control rooms in a single system that can pool and share voice communications between all operator positions. Event information and dispatch services can be offered to partner organisations. The suite provides all parties with a single common view of current mobile resource status information.


TactiCall Dispatcher Suite can co-ordinate an effective response to emergency radio alarms, intelligently identifying and notifying those operators who are best placed to act promptly.

Robust and future proof

TactiCall Dispatcher Suite uses a highly resilient, decentralized, and scalable distributed system architecture. The architecture is designed to eliminate single points of failure, maintaining critical communication services, even in the midst of a major operational crisis.


You can build a countrywide 'network of networks' allowing operators to connect to the system from anywhere to gain access to all radio services – even using wireless or mobile devices if required.

TactiCall Dispatcher suite can integrate multiple digital and analogue radio networks concurrently – allowing group voice and data communications to span multiple technologies when necessary – facilitating a smooth transition to future technologies.