Sea Wasp Safety within reach


The underwater Improvised Explosive Device (IED) represents a growing terrorist threat, both globally and for the US domestic maritime domain.

Saab has been working with the US Underwater Hazardous Device Response Community to develop the ground breaking Waterborne Anti-IED Security Platform (WASP). Saab’s latest generation Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is designed for successful location, identification and neutralization of IEDs specifically in the confined areas and challenging environmental conditions of ports and harbours.

The hydro-dynamically stable, highly reliable system boasts exceptional performance and low lifecycle costs, making it an ideal, cost-effective choice. With a high degree of operational autonomy, the SEA WASP takes vessels and men out of the threat envelope, providing a safer underwater solution for ordnance disposal. The concept is derived from the robotic systems used to dispose of land IED threats, the WASP takes the concept under the water.