Hypersonic Detection Mode Moving into the hypersonic age

Hypersonic Detection Mode - Flexpatrol
Hypersonic Detection Mode. Time to act - when every second counts.


Our latest Hypersonic Detection Mode capability for naval radars enables detection and tracking of hypersonic targets. Time to act - when every second counts.

Due to the radar horizon, naval vessels face limited time to act against low flying missiles travelling at greater speeds. With the emergence of threats in the high supersonic and even hypersonic speed ranges, this threat is getting even worse. Saab is offering a solution to this emerging challenge with the Hypersonic Detection Mode (HDM). It will give the ship more time to act against any target due to quick track formation time. 

The HDM capability builds on Saab’s next generation track while scan technology, which enables track start within a fraction of a second for any number of targets, including stealthy ones, in all conditions. It is optimised for Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, which is a fixed array configuration that belongs to Saab’s multi-functional family of S-band AESA radar systems.

Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face with its fixed array configuration.