9LV FCS - Fire Control System Optimal weapon control onboard

9LV FCS - Fire Control System


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Saab’s 9LV naval combat system solutions offer complete C4I for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats, to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines and vessels for anti-piracy, security and surveillance. Our 9LV solutions provide naval forces with outstanding operational capabilities, supporting all mission types, from littorals to the open ocean.

Saab’s 9LV naval combat system solutions consist of three different packages to fit your needs and your platform:

9LV Combat system (9LV CS)

As the Lead Systems Integrator  (LSI) of the complete combat system, Saab will manage the through-life process and reduce any risk. We can also take the role of Prime Contractor (PC), supplying the platform and a fully integrated combat system.The flexibility of 9LV CS allows customers to select best-of-breed  products and components regardless of provider – enabling complete freedom of choice.

9LV Combat management system (9LV CMS)

The 9LV CMS is the command and control centre of many advanced surface vessels and submarines. Saab can take full responsibility for the CMS solution, and due to the open architecture of 9LV, Saab can provide subsets of the CMS solution in partnership configurations. A full 9LV CMS configuration includes the Fire Control System (FCS).

9LV Fire control system (9LV FCS)

Saab can act as sub-supplier of the FCS, including kill chain components to other onboard CMS. The Saab Fire Control System configurations range from a single EO director connected to a naval gun, to the full anti-air warfare (AAW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) self-defence suite for a frigate or destroyer. This includes a combination of guns, missiles and decoys with full automation support.