ManPack 300 - Changing the game Deploying the future of live training

ManPack 300 - After Action Review

Handles up to



All in one case weighing


kg, giving you
20 h of training time

Up to


km in diameter training area
(6 km with a stationary installation)


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The all-new ManPack 300 is a portable, readily deployable training system that enables instrumented training exercises to be conducted with up to 300 players.

It’s a complete instrumentation system – in a case – designed to move with the area of interest during a training exercise.


It provides the same computing power as a full-scale system, which means that ManPack 300 has what it takes to bring your live training experience closer to reality.

Key features

  • Up to 300 players
  • Scaleable – add on to CTC
  • Moves with the action

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