Thinking Edge Deployable health capability


Operations in recent history have demonstrated how critical having the right health capability in theatre is for the well being of the men and women in Defence. Having the right equipment within the joint trauma system can improve the care given during the those initial 10 minutes to 2 hours dramatically improving the survivability of critical trauma events.


Saab, in partnership with Philips Electronics, Aspen Medical, Marshall Land Systems and Broadspectrum has developed a world leading capability within Australia to meet local and international Deployable Health requirements for Humanitarian, Disaster Relief and Military requirements throughout the region.

Global Experience

Saab Australia, Philips, Aspen, Broadspectrum and Marshall have combined to form an Australian based team with a global footprint enabling uncompromised capability in deployable health solutions.

We are a team with unparalleled experience in delivering deployable health care to military organisations around the world. Our innovative technology and logistics management programs ensure the best capability is available when and where it’s needed, now and in the future.

We have a proven capacity to work with governments and health organisations to provide customised health care delivery and support solutions that best meet their needs. Our objective is to establish long term strategic partnerships with our customers.


Solution Focused Design

Together we have successfully delivered deployable health programs in the US, UK, Sweden, Africa and the Middle East. This experience and expertise has been transferred to Australia, which will ensure the Australian Defence Force is provided with the best deployable health care capability available anywhere in the world. 


Our designs ensure maximum local industry involvement, including the use of local manufacturing, delivery and support.

Operational deployments are supported via the existing global footprints of the four team members and our long term supply chain partners allowing allows us to meet contracted lead time requirements, optimise the required capability outcomes and support operations where they are needed. 


Technological Superiority

We deliver innovative and cost effective solutions that are technologically superior and are tailored specifically for the deployed environment. It is our mission that the standard of health care and clinical outcomes in the deployed environment will be of the same standard as you would receive at home.

Philips has always been a world leader in the design and development of advanced clinical care systems from patient monitors through to x-ray and advanced diagnostic systems such as MRI and CT.


The award winning Marshall and Philips deployable 64/128 slice CT Scanner continues to provide advanced clinical diagnostics capabilities to British service personnel in the most challenging environments.