TactiCall MCI Land Mobile Communication Infrastructure


TactiCall MCI is built to support your operational requirements, keeping you connected to your network by delivering a robust and secure voice and data communication solution.

TactiCall MCI is a QoS - and resource aware tactical router that manages access to communication services (e.g. provided by radios) for multimedia applications and networked devices. 

TactiCall MCI’s modular and scalable design supports legacy integration with future growth in mind.

TactiCall MCI’s platform independency will allow you to maintain your legacy equipment while optimizing your operational efficiency through, for instance, ad-hoc routing.

TactiCall MCI will keep you connected to your own forces, joint forces and allies while optimally exploiting the available capacity and improving your situational awareness and operational efficiency.


  • Use available legacy equipment, integrate with IP networking and keep migration cost to a minimum

  • Step by step soft- and hardware upgrades based on operational needs

  • Seamless integration of heterogeneous networks


  • Future-proof through easy step by step upgrades and add on functionality

  • Role based login
  • Remote and flexible management of entire network through IP technology
  • Enhanced robustness using dynamic routing



  • Removing stovepipes by introducing use of shared communication resources based on tactical conditions and current transmission requirements
  • Capacity aggregation through prioritized bandwidth selection