UME-50, UME-150 and UME-250 Sub-surface tactical ESM and ELINT systems

UME sub-surface tactical ESM and ELINT systems
EWC 50/150


Naval decision makers commanding subsurface vessels require high confidence in their situational awareness with respect to radar emissions for their sea-going assets. This awareness becomes absolutely crucial for mission fulfilment and, ultimately, for vessel survival.

The UME family consists of a range of compact, high performance tactical ESM and ELINT systems capable of meeting today’s stringent operational EW requirements. Different configurations, suitable for installation on all sub-surface platforms, are available.

Operating an EW system from Saab makes you independent. We can provide you with the means to create and maintain your own EW database with libraries. Saab offers design support for optimum placement of masts for best antenna isolation.

The RWRA and its Signal Distribution Unit (SDU) can be directly obtained from the optronics mast or attack periscope supplier. A blue-green laser sensor can also be integrated to the UME systems for LIDAR detection.