Vidar Laser rangefinder


Vidar is an advanced laser rangefinder designed primarily for anti-aircraft operations as an integral part of a weapon system or surveillance system. The laser is designed with state-of-the-art diode pumped solid-state technology and features user-friendly interfaces. The device is compact and suitable for applications within naval or army systems.

Vidar is designed and verified to sustain long-term use in harsh environments where reliability is crucial. 


It is built up in a sealed and stable housing with external surface treatment for demanding conditions.


The laser rangefinder has excellent performance with a range of up to 40km with a pulse repetition  rate up to 12.5 pps.

By careful selection of the laser parameters, Vidar is classified as a Class 1M laser product in accordance with EN 60825-1, IEC: 2014..

  • Excellent range performance
  • High repetition rate
  • Very high reliability
  • One compact unit
  • Class1M eye safety
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Low SWaP

Saab is a leading manufacturer of military lasers since the early 1960s, with naval, airborne and army applications worldwide.


Over the years, Saab has delivered more than 5000 lasers to more than 30 countries.