PS-05/A fighter radar Total situational awareness

Gripen and PS-05/A


A world-class fighter needs world-class radar. 


The PS-05/A was developed for the JAS 39 Gripen programme and has been in service since 1992. Gripen is the first fourth-generation multi-role/swing-role aircraft in service in the world, and the PS-05/A radar provides the situational awareness needed for weapon/missile delivery during cooperative and multi-role/swing-role combat missions.


Multi-role applications

Air defence capability from BVR to WVR. Air-to-surface modes for mapping, ground attack, maritime operation and reconnaissance.



Integration and installation for multiple platforms

Compact, lightweight and modular to fit into any airborne platform.

Spiral development

Through spiral development, Saab has worked very closely with the end customer to really understand and satisfy their needs. Cost-effective software development is performed in a universal product with customer specific adaptations. Radar models are supplied for training as well as for simulation-based acquisition (SBA). Tools for mission planning and evaluation are also available.