AviCom Radio & Audio Management System



AviCom is a powerful distributed and intelligent Radio and Audio Management System that puts the crew in full control of the aircraft communication assets. AviCom’s modular concept enables system scalability and adaptability to meet current and future requirements. AviCom effectively connects and manages communications assets, simplifying crew communication and improving flight safety.

AviCom can be tailored as follows:

  • Integration of Customer specific radios, radio navigation receivers and other equipment.
  • The Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements

The AviCom architecture can be scaled from small single seat installations to large complex mission aircraft installations.


  • High Quality Digital Audio

  • Fault Tolerant Architecture

  • Management of Standard AviationTransceiver

  • Management of Radio Navigation Receivers

  • Management of ECCM Radios

  • Intercom Audio Management


  • Clear/Secure Audio Management, including national and coalition secure

  • Distributed Digital Architecture

  • Installation Flexibility

  • Adaptable and Scalable Architecture

  • User Friendly User Interface

  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatibility



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