Ground based air defence radar Air superiority from the ground


The success of a Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) mission requires complete situational awareness and efficient coordination of available resources.

In critical situations where every second counts and uncertainty can become a  matter of life or death, time is the most valuable asset. This is where Saab comes in. 

With our capable, leading-edge solutions you protect your forces, secure their freedom of manoeuvre and support supremacy that is built on actual real-time control. By placing time in your corner, you make sure your forces have the power to act when they need it most.

We provide complete in-house solutions including sensors, command and control capabilities and missiles, as well as separate GBAD components – directly to customers or in cooperation with other system houses.

Our features

Multifunctional protection

With simultaneous air surveillance providing GBAD engagement quality data, drone detection and C-RAM Sense & Warn within a single solution, commanding officers are provided with comprehensive situation awareness.





Protection from the ground up

With our robust, modular, adaptable and interoperable surveillance, decision support and precision engagement solutions, your forces are armed with air defence capabilities capable to counter and defeat your threats.

Accuracy for real-time control

When agility and rapid reactions are crucial, the Giraffe family of 3D radars provides high mobility, short deployment times, fast track initiation and high target update rates – all enabling command and control in real time.