Head Up Display (HUD) & Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)

EFVS Take-Off

PMMW Long Range Sensor sees full runway length. SVS provides Combined Vision for maximum situational awareness.

EFVS Approach

PMMW Long Range Sensor extends the visual segment. Enables acquisition of required references at significantly higher decision altitudes.

SVS enhances the situational awareness

SVS enhances the situational awareness, especially in situations where no or limited sensor data is available. SVS can be viewed in both grid and shaded view depending on preference and situation


Saab's experience as aircraft manufacturers of both commercial and military aircraft has helped us find creative solutions. Together with our partner Vū Systems, Saab offers the Next Generation of Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS), using innovative passive millimeter wave (PMMW) sensor technology to enable low visibility operations in all weather conditions. 

Saab offers the Next Generation EFVS, using  Systems innovative passive millimeter wave (PMMW) sensor technology to enable low visibility operations in all weather conditions. The PMMW Long Range Sensor solution is complemented by an Infrared Sensor (IR) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS) function, to provide an integrated Combined Vision System (CVS). The EFVS functions are fully integrated in our high-performance Head Up Display (HUD) System computer.


The value of EFVS is directly proportional to the performance of the sensor. Our unique blended IR/PMMW sensor system enables acquisition of the visual references at significantly longer ranges, enabling low-visibility access to Area Navigation (RNAV) procedures with higher minimums.

Visual Advantage: The importance of sensor performance!

The new EFVS regulatory environment offers a unique opportunity for significant operational advantages. However, the value of the EFVS is only as good as the demonstrated performance of the sensor system: The Visual Advantage.


Our unique blended PMMW/IR EFVS sensor solution offers a Visual Advantage significantly greater than traditional IR and electro-optical sensors. This directly enhances the value of the EFVS system.

Blended PMMW EFVS Benefits:


  • Enables utilisation of high-capacity RNAV/RNP procedures where minimums are typically higher than ILS
  • Increases reliable access to regional and under-utilised airports
  • Reduces operational delays which increases utilisation of the fleet
  • Reduced delay and block times reduce harmful emission



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