AviGuide New generation head up display

AviGuide showing PiP (Picture in Picture)
AviGuide HUD Helicopter
HUD Helicopter
Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
AviGuide pilot


With AviGuide Head Up Display (HUD) the pilots aviate and navigate head up and eyes out for increased safety and control with faster decisions and situational awareness. The HUD can be interfaced with Enhanced Flight Vision Sensors (EFVS) and flight guidance computers and it is fully compatible with enhanced vision system (EVS) sensors.

AviGuide HUD provides enhanced safety for helicopters operating in Degraded Visibility Environments (DVE). It provides the essential missions information needed at the right time; it coherently displays sensor imagery, guidance information, conformal terrain and obstacles depictions that can help to complete the mission safely. The high performance, NVG-compatible display provides a generous eye-box, allowing the crew to perform all of their tasks with ease. The HUD provides a precision, conformal reference, not only for critical flight data, but also to aid in target location, identification and stores delivery.


Safety first

  • Flight data with eyes out – aviate and navigate head up
  • Intuitive presentation – faster decisions
  • Conformal data – situational awareness
  • Enhanced/synthetic vision

Enhanced control

  • Conformal display – improved awareness of aircraft state
  • FPV (Flight Path Vector) improves energy management
  • Head up guidance display
  • Head up at IFR/VFR transition
  • Precision take-off and landing

Open and compact

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Improved cost of ownership
  • Compatible with EFVS – reduced minimums
  • Compatible with future EFVS systems – SVS, CVS

Mission compatible

  • Flexible and adaptable display modes
  • Night vision goggle compatible
  • Enhanced and synthetic vision
  • Integrated flight mission data