Aerostructures Bringing you the future


We build aerostructures that are safe, efficient and reliable, that constantly break new ground. Our determination to be the best has kept us at the forefront of the industry for 80 years, and there are plenty of boundaries left to push.

Our experience, know-how and expertise are built on a history of developing and manufacturing complete aircraft. Since the foundation of Saab in1937, thousands  of aircraft have left our hangars, including the Saab 340, the Saab 2000 and Gripen – the world’s first new-generation fighter in operation.

Some use innovative technology  - others create it

Today, our knowledge, expertise and global reach translate into state-of-the-art aerostructures that are cost-efficient, robust and safe. In 1997, Saab made the decision to focus its commercial aeronautics business on supplying structural components to major aircraft manufacturers.

Close working relationships with our customers

We’ve established close working relationships with our customers, who see us as a key collaborator in the development of their aircraft. As a tier-1 partner of Boeing and Airbus, we focus on developing wing structures, movables and doors. We use our knowledge and experience to strive for further improvements, so that we can offer an even better product to our customers.