CISB and Saab open second call for enrolling science without borders projects

São Paulo, January, 2nd – As part of its activities to foster technology innovation between Brazil and Sweden, the Swedish Brazilian Innovation & Research Center (CISB), in partnership with the Swedish security and defense company Saab AB, is opening an additional round of scholarships in Sweden within the Brazilian Federal Government’s Science Without Borders program. Through CNPq, Saab and CISB are offering more than 20 PhD and post-doctoratef scholarships. In this second edition two additional areas of interest are available for researchers – Energy & Environment, and Attractive & Sustainable Cities -, addition to existing – Security, Aerospace and Defense. To assist researchers who are willing to make proposals that are relevant for the program, CISB and Saab have made available their collaboration platform, at where applicants can obtain help to build strong projects that have a chance to be approved by CNPq.

The portal works based on a collaboration network where Brazilian researchers can directly contact universities and companies to prepare their projects. Saab AB, a leading CISB promoter, will strongly act with researchers to help applicants in preparing their proposals that are relevant for developing these two fields in Brazil. Saab will co-finance, together with CNPq, 100 scholarships in Sweden, and this second round will approve 05 sandwich PhD scholarships and 15 post-doctorate scholarships. The platform will accept proposals up to March 28th, 2013.

"We are very impressed by the quality of the Brasilian researchers from the first call and we are similary optimistic  to receiving  the same interest and well defined three party research projects (Swedish University - Saab - Brasilian University)  in the second call. We are convinced that this program will foster the internationalization of Swedish universities and research centers, and that we will develop long-term R&D relationships between Sweden and Brazil to leverage knowledge of use to both industry and academia in both countries "says Magnus Ahlström Director Innovation and Business Development, Saab.

Alessandra Holmo, executive director of CISB, the successful first call that took place in March shows that there is enough room for research and development in Brazil in partnership with Sweden that is increasingly interested in investing more and more in open innovation in Brazil. "For the first call we have received more than 30 validated proposals through the platform. We expect now to reach even more researchers who are interested in open innovation, but this time in the fields of Energy & Environment, and Attractive & Sustainable Cities," she said.


Additional program details

The key differential of these scholarships is the environment that researchers will find in Sweden; it is an open innovation environment and not just an academic one.  Besides Saab and the universities that took part in the first call and that include the Chalmers Institute of Technology, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Linköping University, the University of Skövde, the South African University of Pretoria, and the George Mason University in the U.S, the second call will also include the Luleå University of Technology and the Blekinge Institute of Technology.

In addition, Saab will complement the CNPq scholarship by doubling the monthly amount granted thereby rendering this opportunity even more attractive for Brazilian researchers.

To learn more on the Brazilian Federal Government’s Science Without Borders program, please visit: .