Brazilian students awarded internship at saab

Since it was created in May 2011 the Swedish Brazilian Innovation & Research Center (CISB) has worked to build a technology innovation network between Brazil and Sweden by way of projects and actions that include both nations.

To take another step towards this objective CISB held its second annual meeting on November 12-14. The seminar focused on a proposed Brazilian agenda for innovation, projects and partnerships. CISB was a co-organizer of the event, and it promoted three open innovation arenas and was responsible for Sweden participation.

“CISB has worked to strengthen the technology innovation network between Brazil and Sweden, and the second annual meeting within the Open Innovation Seminar is one more initiative to establish a partnership between both nations.  Sweden is interested in investing in innovation in Brazil, and Brazil will take advantage of all Swedish knowledge to improve in several areas,” said Bruno Rondani, CISB Executive Director.

In addition to the arenas, an award and prize ceremony was held for the Sweden - Brazil scholarship Challenge.  A competition held between Brazilian Engineering School grad students with the support of CISB and Saab.  They included two scholarships— one for Linköping University and one for Chalmers University of Technology. The competition was carried out in combination with the Scholarship programme launched in Brazil” Science without Borders”. Magnus Robach, Swedish Ambassador to Brazil presented the prizes to the successful winners.

“The Brazil scholarship challenge has been extremely successful. It was an online competition for Brazilian engineer students and young professionals to show their skills within fields of engineering, sustainable energy, urban development and environment. Two first prize winners for their outstanding achievements were awarded a scholarship to two prestigious Swedish universities and a paid internship with leading international industrial companies, Saab being one of them. The 8-10 weeks engineering internship at Saab in Sweden will begin in Summer 2014”.says Magnus Ahlström, project leader for Swedish Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre.



A total 915 people from 74 Brazilian universities registered at the competition web site. The competition had five main components: four different multiple-choice quizzes testing logic skills and engineering knowledge, and an essay question pertaining to the competition theme of sustainable energy. A total of 226 competitors completed all five steps. After an initial review a list of 20 finalists were picked for each partner university. Each university chose 6 of the twenty finalists to meet during a skype interview. Afterwards, the universities chose the top three candidates.


The competition lasted 41 days and during this period the competition website had 22,422 unique visitors.