A conversation for innovation in Gothenburg, Linköping and Stockholm

In the first week of September, a group of Brazilian executives get in touch with another group of Swedish experts. A Brazilian committee of 25 professionals is heading to the Open Innovation Learning Week, a course about theory and practices of open innovation in Sweden.

For a week, the group will travel from Gothenburg, through Linköping, to Stockholm and attend exclusive lectures in three major Swedish universities: Linköping University, Chalmers Institute of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The initiative was envisaged and coordinated by CISB, with support of professors of innovation management Susanne Ollila, Fredrik Tell and Mats Magnusson.

More than just a course, this will be a moment of connection. It's the first step for identifying common interests and capacities, which might generate partnerships and business. Professionals of different areas make the group - government representatives, researches, executives, lawyers, consultants, journalists and members of the Brazilian army.

On Sunday, 2nd of September, the committee arrives at Gothenburg airport. On Monday, they head to Lindholmen Science Park, where Chalmers University is located. There, they will have a lecture about open innovation and its relation with the concept of Arenas - neutral spaces where academics and executives can debate mutual interests and challenges. Afterwards, they will visit companies that apply that concept to their own strategies.

Next, in Linköping, a guided visit of defense giant Saab is in order, followed by lectures and even a ride at a flight simulator of the Gripen fighter jet. After lunch, they all head to the business incubator Mjardevi, where they'll talk with the company's aeronautical chief. In the end of the afternoon, the travellers will visit Linköping University campus and the National Museum of Air Force.

On Wednesday, on the way to Stockholm, capital of Sweden, participants will get to know Scania's R&D center, while the afternoon will be open for business meetings previously arranged by CISB.

At night, participants will be able to re-enact a famous chapter of the history of Brazil and Sweden: the finals of the 1958 World Cup, when Pelé scored one his most famous goals and Brazil became world champion for the first time. This time, Swedish participants will be challenged to play another football match against members of the Brazilian committee.

On Thursday, besides visits to the labs of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, participants will attend a debate about Sweden's challenge-oriented innovation strategies, where Vinnova representatives and John Gorecki, member of Globe Forum, will be present. On the same day, CISB's executive director Bruno Rondani will present SNITTS - Swedish Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer. On the last day, after receiving a certificate of participation at OILW, the committee will join CISB for a guided visit at the Swedish Institute. For those who still have the energy, customized business meetings can be arranged afterwards.