Transfer of technology

The first group of Brazilians have landed in Linköping, Sweden. There are 46 employees from Embraer and two from AEL Sistemas.

Between October 2015 and 2021, more than 350 professionals from Saab’s partner companies in Brazil will journey to Sweden to take part in courses and on-the-job training that are part of the planned technology transfer agreement. There will be over 50 projects, lasting up to 24 months. During this period, each person will have a different programme schedule and will receive theoretical and practical training according to the role they will play on the programme. This first phase will include many systems engineers and software developers. Pilots, flight test engineers, production engineers, and so on will be arriving a bit further down the line. Gripen Transfer of technology program for Brazil aims to provide the Brazilian aerospace industry with the technology and knowledge needed to maintain and develop Gripen for Brazil.

A part of the first Gripen ordered for the Brazilian Air Force will be built in Sweden while the remainder will be built in Brazil. Brazilian industry will be responsible for developing a big part of the Brazilian – unique techniques of the Gripen system, such as the all-new dual seat version.

Brief facts about the technology transfer programme

  • The technology transfer is divided into approximately 50 Technology of Transfer projects
  • Over time, 350 Brazilian engineers will be coming to Sweden
  • The duration of their stay will range from 2 weeks to 2 years
  • October 2015 saw the arrival of 46 employees from Embraer and 2 from AEL 
  • In total, 107 people -  including their family members - have arrived
  • The majority will take part in courses and on-the-job-training in Tannefors, but some will be in Arboga, Gothenburg and Brazil.