Reliable Performance Electromechanical Actuation (EMA)

Electromechanical actuation equipment for High Lift drive in-service on large commercial aircraft
Electromechanical actuator and motor control electronics for centralized high lift architecture
Electromechanical actuator and gearboxes for distributed flap actuation
Electric Throttle Actuator Assembly
Lab test of distributed electromechanical flap actuation
Dual channel redundant direct-drive electro-mechanical actuator for UAV flight control


Since the beginning of the century, Saab has been dedicated to the development of Electromechanical Actuation (EMA) products. Today, Saab offers flight-proven electromechanical actuation equipment for integration in all types of airborne control systems.

We can provide both linear and rotary electric actuators and associated control electronics adapted and optimized to your needs based on our modularized product platform. For our actuation offering on a system level, please see:

 Key Capabilities

  • Complete in-house development, both HW and SW
  • Proven efficient EMA designs based on continuous dedicated R&D and in-service experience 
  • Cost-efficient adaptation to customer needs through modular product platform

 Key Features

  • Compact envelope
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Modularized design
  • Optimized thermal properties
  • Simplex or duplex
  • Typical solutions are based on Brushless Permanent Magnet motor design