Recording Systems Enhanced mission performance



Acquiring information during a mission to improve flight safety and the pilot's skills is of prime importance. This is possible through airborne mission recording. The system records information from various sensors (such as cameras, radars, sonars) complemented with data and audio.

The DiRECT recording family consists of DiRECT CR and Ground Replay Software; all supported by a number of accessories and upgrades, advisory, maintenance and repairs. Saab delivers recording solutions with complete airborne mass storage that are compact and versatile to facilitate comprehensive analysis. This means missions are enhanced and the pilot's performance is dramatically improved through high quality recording and playback in flight and off flight playback enable by the Ground Replay Software. Our solutions are based on a modular concept to offer a high level of flexibility for customer configurations.  

Key features

Performing training

With immediate debriefing and evaluation and recording of various information; the result is more skilled pilots. After a mission the information can be replayed, and experience gained from each flight is substantially increased.


Mission evaluation

Our recording solution provides quick mission evaluation in order to gain improvements and inputs for the next steps. Quick evaluation is possible through replay capabilities which can be done in-flight to review the mission track recorded.


Acquisition of intelligence

The system records information from various sensors. A quick replay and evaluation after landing or during the flight enables a fast decision loop to gain information advantage, which is a key success factor in almost all conflicts.

Becoming a customer

Saab has a broad knowledge of video, networks and data systems within every kind of aircraft platform. With our background, we know everything there is to know about aircraft video usage and can assist you in finding solutions for your recording needs. Our current commitments cover the next 30 years. Digital mission recording systems is one of our key product areas. Maintainability at all levels and a cost-effective life-cycle management is supported.