Vessel traffic management & information system MARITIMECONTROL™

The MARITIMECONTROL™ VTMIS is a proven solution for Vessel Traffic Services for a wide range of systems. Easily scalable from single radar, single display solutions to multiple traffic centres with extensive radar and AIS networks at national levels.


Managing ports means managing a complex logistical chain of processes such as ship movements, cargo handling and land and water infrastructure operation. The business success of the port and its stakeholders relies to a large extent on reliable, safe and efficient traffic management in the port and in its approach areas.

The MARITIMECONTROL VTMIS is Saab’s proven solution for a safe, efficient and secure flow of traffic in ports, waterways and coastal regions. It provides authorities with the means to guide, assist and manage all shipping within their areas of interest.
MARITIMECONTROLis full featured. High availability redundant configurations, integrated recording & replay, training simulator and unparalleled target tracking make MARITIMECONTROL the most complete system on the market. Saab is an active member of IALA and ensures that the MARITIMECONTROL VTS system is compliant with the latest IALA recommendations.