Coastal surveillance network CoastWatch

The CoastWatch Coastal Surveillance Network (CoastWatch/CSN) is a maritime monitoring and control system, designed for multiple applications. It combines modern technology with years of experience in sensor data fusion, advanced signal processing and real-time distributed surveillance. More than 30 of these systems are operational, including the largest AIS network in the world. CoastWatch/CSN provides a robust, scalable and highly adaptable network system that supports multi-layered system design.


Coastwatch will fill an important role of surveillance of coastal areas from air, land and sea for nations around the world that face threats such as illegal immigration and fishing, smuggling, environmental pollutions etc.
CostWatch include state of the art sensors such as Radars, AIS/Secure AIS, CCTV etc. together with highly advanced software applications which collect, distribute and display the obtained maritime situational information.

The CoastWatch system is a network centric application, all sensors are network enabled and TCP/IP capable, which simplifies integration of new customer specific sensors.

The combination of advanced sensor technology, sensor fusion, communication system and efficient workflow support enables the qualified operator to monitor and evaluate the vessel traffic and identify potential dangerous situations and threats.

The sensor information is transmitted to system servers where raw sensor data is aggregated, processed and further distributed to the operator workstations. The system include a flexible rule management system for automatic assistance and alerts.

The integrated vessel data base offers quick access to vessel data and historic information related to the system tracks.