Full coverage, from inland to port, to open seas Coastal surveillance

Organisations such as coast guards and navies are responsible for vast expanses of water and have the need to know what goes on, where their assets are and how to best deploy them. This requires real-time information, as well as intelligence from a variety of sources, that is presented in a clear way for effective decision making.

Coastal surveillance covers a very broad range of responsibilities: law enforcement, safety and security. This calls for a flexible toolbox of solutions that can be configured to match any set of requirements. With extensive experience in topics such as surveillance, target tracking and C4I at national scales, Saab is well equipped to provide a suitable solution for your needs.

Saab provides an integrated platform to support coastal monitoring activities around the world in their daily operations. This includes sea and lower airspace surveillance, monitoring of vessel behaviour, management of incidents, and communications. The system can use mobile surveillance units and the sensors on board of own assets to maximize surveillance coverage.

Information exchange with neighbouring systems greatly extends the reach of the system, allowing suspect contacts to be picked up earlier. In addition, the system provides tools to find trends in historic data, providing much needed information to adjust strategies and policies.