CO2 reduction

Saab Technologies B.V. runs the Traffic Management activities in The Netherlands. This office is actively reducing its CO2 emission. The CO2 Performance Ladder (CO2-Prestatieladder in Dutch) is a Dutch Standard that stimulates companies and organizations in reducing their CO2 emission, with respect to their operational business and to the execution of projects. Reducing CO2 emission is achieved by overall reduction of fossil energy consumption while replacing it by sustainable energy. See the SKAO website for more information.

For us the CO2 Performance Ladder is the instrument for:

  • taking inventory of our emissions, i.e. determination of our CO2-footprint;
  • actively reducing our CO2-footprint;
  • involving stakeholders in achieving reduction.

We are now certified at level 3. The correspondiing certificate from DNV-GL can be found here.   

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or remarks regarding Saab Technologies B.V.  and the CO2 Performance Ladder or if you have contribution you would like to make on this topic:

We also would like to refer you to our Saab Corporate responsibility and sustainability:

A. Insight

It all starts with insight in our existing CO2 emission. For this purpose we have developed an emission inventory sheet, enabling us to measure and expose our CO2-footprint (documents in Dutch):

B. Reduction

Based on A.Insight, our emission inventory, we have formulated a number of actions to be taken, in order to reduce our footprint (document in Dutch):

C. Transparency

Through this website page we want to inform you about our CO2 performance. Updates will be published periodically, each 6 months. Besides we have set up a company internal communication structure, containing our internal and external publications.

 D. Participation

Information about our initiatives and participations (document in Dutch):