All employees of Saab 340 & 2000 operators and authority representatives are hereby invited to register and attend the Global Operator’s Conference free of charge. Please plan ahead and register as soon as you possibly can.



For vendors, the Saab 340 & 2000 Global Operators Conference is an invitational event.


Your presence and participation is essential for a successful conference. This is a great opportunity to meet Saab 340 & 2000 operators and suppliers from around the world in one spot to network and do business. If you have not received an invitation but feel that you should, please contact and we will get back to you.



Visit to register for the conference. As a sponsor, you can select sponsorship options and pay directly using a credit card.


When signing up for a medal sponsorship with more than one free delegate, be advised that the personal details for the second, third and fourth participant cannot be registered through the on-line tool. Please send an e-mail listing the personal details for these participants to



By registering to the event, you agree to comply with the conference terms and conditions below.

  1. By registering for the conference, the registrant understands and consents to be listed in the conference directory and may be contacted by other participants in the conference.

  2. All attendees must register for the conference. Spouses or guests of the attendee that plan on attending the hospitality events must also register and obtain a badge. A spouse or relative working for the same company, in any capacity, cannot be listed as a spouse or guest.

  3. No hospitality suites, functions, activities or events other than those organized by Saab and Jetstream are permitted beginning Monday morning 07 A.M, Nov 26th through Friday evening 11 P.M, November 31th. The exception is for Thursday evening November 30th from 5 P.M. when invitational dinners/mingles are allowed.

  4. Badge is required for all conference business and social functions, including meeting sessions, meals and events. Individuals not wearing a badge may be denied admittance. Badges are not transferable.

  5. Use of the Saab or Jetstream Aviation Capital name or logo, the conference logo or any other sponsor logo is   strictly prohibited for on any promotional item without written corporate consent.

  6. Presentations shall be pre-approved by Saab and Jetstream Aviation Capital for their respective days.

  7. Marketing activities must be coordinated with the Saab Operators Conference Team.
    • Room drops will not be allowed
    • Use of meeting rooms must integrate into general program coordination

  8. Rollups and marketing material must be appropriate and unoffensive.

  9. The Saab Operators Conference management team reserves the right to rule on any matter not specifically addressed above.

  10. All registered attendees agree to the terms and conditions by submitting their registration.