Still going strong

The aircraft may be 34 years old but the market is still out there, and as there is no other aircraft on the market better suited for the task in the 30 passenger segment, the Saab 340 ever so often proudly steps in to do the job. Since its entry into service, more than 200 operators in 60 countries have operated the Saab 340. In fact, the Saab 340 is the best-selling 30-seater aircraft of the last 50 years.

The Saab 340 has always been known as a very reliable and durable aircraft, a genuine workhorse appreciated both by crews and passengers. It's also a very safe aircraft to fly with, in fact, statistics show that it's one of the safest in the world.

458 aircraft were built and the last aircraft left the factory in Linköping, Sweden in 1999 for new adventures with JAC in Japan, where it's still enjoying an active life in a fleet of seven Saab 340. Today we have a remainder of 364 aircraft registered and 260-300 of them are in daily operation with 45 different airlines in 26 countries on all continents*. This means that an efficient support organisation becomes very important. At Saab we take that responsibility very seriously and the aircraft constantly delivers a dispatch reliability around 99 percent.

A very early image from the final assembly line in Linköping, Sweden.


Every 45 seconds a Saab 340 or Saab 2000 takes off or lands, around the clock and throughout the year. Long term commitment is key and an airline must be able to trust that support will be there when it's needed, 34/7/365. That's one of the main reasons for inviting operators, partners and suppliers to the Global Operators Conference.

Saab has been hosting these biannual Global Operators Conferences since the mid 80's. An event to which airlines, suppliers, authorities and third party associates are invited in order to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas, problems and opportunities. These conferences have always served as a cornerstone in carrying out the mission to support the fleet and they have also been greatly appreciated by the participants. This year, we hope as many as possible will take the opportunity to meet other "family members" during a busy week in Miami, Florida.

Instead of holding separate conferences, the Global Operators Conference has since 2014 become a combined Saab 340 and Saab 2000 conference. The Saab 2000 is a completely different chapter and we think it deserves a story of its own which we will come back to - so stay tuned.


* As of June 2018

The four first Saab 340 during the flight test period in 1984.